What is a SIM card reader?

SIM card reader”, as the name suggests it is a small USB device that can help you to read data from your mobile SIM card using your PC and ‘SIM card reader software’.

SIM Card Reader

What does a SIM Card Reader do?

A SIM Card Reader can perform lots of functions depending upon the features provided by the ‘SIM Card Reader Software’ but in general it performs following tasks.

1-      Create backup of all your contacts stored in SIM and you can save this back up on your system for future use (you can use this backup to restore your contacts if you lost your existing SIM).

2-      Create backup of all your SMS messages stored in SIM.

3-      You can clean your SIM card easily by deleting all unnecessary data from SIM using SIM Card Reader easily.

4-      You can sync contacts with online services e.g. Outlook contacts.

5-      It can also import contacts from csv files.

6-      Recover deleted SMS or Contacts

7-      Recover last dialed numbers

8-      Recover call logs

How to choose best SIM Card Reader?

Once you start exploring ‘SIM Card Reader’ to buy you will find lots of option online/offline. You need to consider following feature before selecting any ‘SIM Card Reader’ for you.

1-      It should supports all type of SIM card (e.g. normal SIM card and Micro SIM Card)

2-      It should be compatible with any type of SIM card regardless of mobile provider.

3-      Warranty – Normally all SIM card reader comes with a life time warranty and good technical support.

SIM Card Reader Software

SIM card Reader is useful only when you have a supported ‘SIM Card Reader Software’. Most of the ‘SIM Card Reader’ doesn’t comes with ‘SIM Card Reader Software’ ; in that case you have to buy a ‘SIM Card Reader or Recovery software’.

We suggest you to go for those ‘SIM Card Reader’ which comes with a ‘SIM Card Reader Software’ because if you buy both things from same manufacturer then there will not be any compatibility issue.

Your SIM Card Reader Software should provide below functionalities

1-      Create SIM data backup

2-      Import SIM data backup

3-      Recover deleted SMS or Contacts

4-      Recover Last dialed numbers

5-      Recover call log details