If you are unaware of the smart watches yet, you should have a look at my article, in which I have wrote about Samsung Galaxy smart watch. Smart watch is a new technology, and hence it is liked by many people. New technology means, a lot of new features; and smart watch is one of the good examples of it. But, still I hate smart watches. Guess, why? You will know its answer, when you will use one or when you will go through this complete article. So let’s have a look at the reason, why I hate smart watches:

Why I Hate Smart Watches, Small size of keypad and the keys, Requires care as much as your smartphone, Small screen-size of the smart watch

Small size of keypad and the keys

Yeah, most annoying thing is typing. How could one manage to press these small keys every time, as pressing the right key without pressing another key is tough and needs a lot of practice as compared to a smartphone.

Small screen-size of the smart watch

Obviously, smartphones are trying to increase the size of the screen. But why? Obviously, these small screens are not pretty good and watching them constantly is not a good habit anyhow. Most of the companies like Samsung, Apple and others are trying continuously to give a better screen size and resolution to the customers, then why this smart watch is introduced?

Bondage of smart watch companies

What kind of bondage, you will face at the time you are using a smart watch? Let me tell you. Suppose you are having a smart watch worth $250 or more and this is a Samsung (android) smart watch. The limitation is that you can use it with only your Samsung android. If you want to switch to Apple now, the smart watch is having no use. It is total waste of money.

Requires care as much as your smartphone

You need to charge it regularly. There is no alternative, and don’t tell me that these watches are having good battery life as much there will be features, much the battery will be consumed.

This is just an another useless gadget

Don’t you think so? If not, then think once. Most of the features of a smart watch are carried out by your phone. It may be camera, video player, mp3 player or Wi-Fi facility. And in fact your smartphone is having better features than smart watch. So, what is smart watch doing here? It is just weighing one more gadget in your pocket or at your hand. I do not prefer it anyhow. I will use my smartphone better with less tensions and smooth working efficiency.

Affecting your health

Oh, really? How can smart watch affect our health? It will make people more relaxed, and people are not going to work as much as they were doing earlier as you do not need to search your smartphone in your pocket or purse or using a laptop for checking the updates on internet as it will be on the hands. Hahaha, funny! But true. So, I advise you to take care of it also.

So, these are the reasons; why I don’t like smart watches at present. I can’t say about future improvements and better smart watches, but till the date I find these mistakes in the smart watches removed, I am not going to refer these smart watches to any of my friend, family member or my readers. Rest, they have freedom to do, what they wish. I would like to know your reviews about these smart watches. Do you hate them or still you like them and why? If you can increase my list, you are still welcome. Don’t forget to comment below and yes, thanks for reading.