Do you know the power of your PEE (Urine)?

Don’t give me a tough look. I am really serious about the above question. It can generate enough power that is sufficient to recharge your mobile battery.

Scientists from the U.K.-based Bristol Robotics Laboratory claim they’ve managed to produce electricity from urine that is sufficient to charge a garden variety cellphone.

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They explained that urine has some micro bacteria that produce electricity by metabolizing organic matter (the urine).

Well imagine how in future we can use this invention?

They suggested that we can generate Urine Power in public toilets (Future Smart Toilets) that can be used to power lights, showers and plugin devices.

Initially they are trying to generate power using urine that is — enough to text, browse the web and make short phone calls.

Scientist claims that’s just the beginning. They plan to develop MFCs capable of fully charging a phone battery.

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